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Looking for new and creative ways to use Google apps?  Google Presentation is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint in form and function, with one key difference;  Google Presentations allow users to collaborate and create in real-time.

This opens up a whole new realm of possibility for you and your students across content areas.  Google Presentations are available under the “Create” button in Google Drive.


The “Amazing Race” uses Google Presentations,  Google Forms, and Google Docs in a creative way.  Students are given a research topic (such as famous scientists or countries in Africa)  and a slide in the presentation.  They then research their topic and create a slide with facts and clues about their topic.  After an entire class worth of students creates individual slides, the teacher has an entire presentation made.  From there, the teacher creates a Google Form based on slide number.  Students look at other students’ slides in the presentation, investigate the facts and clues, and fill out their answer in the Google Form.  The students usually work in pairs and have to collaborate on their answers via a Google Doc (they aren’t allowed to talk during the “race”).

If this all sounds a little complex, check out our extended video podcast by clicking the link below.

Amazing Race with Google

The first 7:25 of the video goes over a description and a real example of it being used in a PSD classroom.  In the rest of the video, Ben Johnson goes over a detailed explanation of how to create this fun and engaging activity for your classroom.

The “Amazing Race” utilizes many Google apps and is a fun and engaging way to integrate 21st century skills into your classroom.

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