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Happy New Year!  This month we’re going to be looking at some of the many tools that educators have available via Google.
School administrators, party planning teams, or department heads often need feedback on a particular issue.  It can be difficult to gather all that information within meetings due to time constraints or absences.  As an easy way to gather this information, consider using Google Forms.

Head to google.com and select “Drive” from the top menu bar.  Sign in using your google account (or create one)

driveformsYou will see a blank “Untitled Form”.  You can create your questions (check the “question type” pull-down menu) and change the theme from this page.  You can also add more questions by clicking the “Add idem” button in the upper-left portion of the page.

click the image to go to the actual form and take the survey!

As you work on your Form, you will notice a link at the bottom of your page where you can view your form as it would appear to whomever you share it with. That is the link that you can use to share the form with others (feel free to shorten it with Bit.ly or Tinyurl!)

The results will be exported as a spreadsheet which will be viewable from your Google Drive account under “My Drive”.  Here’s how it looks:


As people take the quiz or survey, the information gets populated within the spreadsheet.  There is quite a bit you can do from here as well.  By clicking the menu “Form>Edit Form” you can go back to editing your form.  There’s also an awesome data analysis tool available by clicking “Form>Show summary of responses”.

You can also send the form via email from this page.  The form will automatically be embedded in the email, increasing the chance that it will actually be completed.

There are a myriad of other uses for Google Forms.  Many PSD teachers use Google Forms in their classrooms as an invaluable assessment tool.  Here, we have only scratched the surface so go play and see what you can discover!

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