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During last week’s blog post, we learned how to use the Firefox add-on Download Helper to grab flash videos from the web.  This is beneficial for many reasons as we never know when the school’s network might be down, running slow, or what unscrupulous video links might show up in the YouTube sidebar!

Today, we will learn how to insert these videos into SMART notebook files and PowerPoint presentations.

Inserting flash videos in SMART notebook couldn’t be easier.  All you have to do is follow the path, Insert>Flash Video File from the menu.

Once you open this menu option, find the *.flv* file you saved using DL helper.  You can then resize and place the video within your SMART notebook file as you see fit.

Another common presentation software, PowerPoint, is also capable of inserting Flash and other types of video content.  To do this, select the “Insert” tab then click the “video” icon on the far right.

One problem we’ve ran into is inserting Flash videos into PowerPoint will sometimes cause the program to crash.  This can be solved by using DownloadHelper to download the video as a *.mp4* file instead of a *.flv* file.

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