Record Your Lesson

#cotlf #smarttech #edtech Here’s a way to make easy sub plans!  Not only is it quicker to put together, but it also ensures that no matter who comes in to sub, you know your students will be getting the right directions…thanks to technology.

Make sure your students get the right directions by recording yourself; just open Windows Live MovieMaker and record yourself using the webcam on your computer. When you’re finished, save your movie (not project), then upload the video clip to Blackboard!

If you’d like to record a lesson, use the Smart Recorder in Smart Notebook. It will record any actions you take on the screen along with your voice and save it as a movie file you can then upload to BlackBoard for students to watch.

Recording yourself or your lesson is also useful if you’re using the Flipped Classroom model or for use with students who were absent. Just record your lesson as you teach it that day and upload it for absent students to view!