#edtech #iste12 As I helped prepare an Unconference at #SocialEdCon, I was struck by how relevant this activity could be in a classroom! What exactly is an Unconference? Loosely defined as a participant driven meeting, an Unconference encourages people to volunteer to facilitate/moderate a group who all want to share, learn or even just talk together!

I had the opportunity to learn from the editor of the magazine Teacher Librarian, representatives from Edutopia and educators from around the world about how to teach technology to teachers. Our discussion was rich, fast-paced and driven by our desire to learn from each other.

The idea of an Unconference could be applied at the high school level too!!!! I could image English teachers allowing students to choose their favorite genre and then students grouping together and talking about their favorite novels within that genre. Or, having students share favorite tech ideas, OR……

The sky is the limit but the idea of an Unconference reinforces that our collective knowledge is important and collaborating is key to success!


3 thoughts on “Building An Unconference in the Classroom

  1. Hi! This is a great read. I wonder if I can use this for my research on English Language teaching in the secondary ESL classroom. May I please request for some suggestions? Thanks a lot!

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