#cotlf #edtech #smartboard As the end of the year approaches and you’re starting to think about packing up and cleaning out your classrooms, set some time aside to back up the lessons and files on your computer as well. One area that can easily be overlooked is your SMART Notebook Content. When you add anything to the “My Content” folder in Notebook, it is saved locally on your computer; if your computer is reimaged over the summer, you will lose easy access to all those great resources if you haven’t backed them up! To save yourself future heartache and time, take a moment to export your content from Notebook.

To do so, open SMART Notebook and from the gallery file, click on the “My Content” folder, then on the pull down menu to the right of the folder name and select “Export as Collection File.”

You will be prompted to save the file; be sure to save it to your server or to a thumb drive in case your computer is reimaged.

When you return next year, simply double click on the exported file and it will launch SMART Notebook and add it to your “My Content” folder. You can also repeat the steps above but select “Add to My Content” instead of Export… All those goodies you’ve been saving all year in Notebook will be restored!

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