#cotlf #edchat #schools Tired of moving files from folder to folder one at a time? If you’ve ever wanted to select multiple items at the same time but haven’t been able to, try using the ctrl or shift keys. If you hold down the ctrl key on the keyboard while clicking on items, you’ll see that you’re able to select more than one at a time. If you accidentally click on one you didn’t want, there’s no need to start over either! Just keep holding that ctrl key and click on the item again to deselect it.

If the items you want are all in a row, you can hold the shift key instead and simply click on the first and last item in the list. This will select both those items as well as everything in between automatically. Want them all, but not that one in the middle? Start with the shift key trick, then while they’re all selected, use the ctrl key & deselect it by clicking on the unwanted item.

You’ll find that this not only works on files, but most everywhere else. Want to delete several emails from your inbox? It’ll work in Outlook too. Inserting multiple pictures into a document? Yup, you guessed it, use shift or ctrl!

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